shipping & returns & exchanges & all that boring stuff


how long does it take for things to ship?

please allow 3-5 days for your order to be fulfilled and mailed. some products take longer to fill than other and they’re all packed by hand by us! you will receive a tracking # the day that we ship your order! 

***with t-shirts, especially new releases, please allow up to two weeks to ship. we print them all by hand processing clothing on our end generally takes longer than paper products! ***

what if my tracking number hasn't updated?

if your package says “pre-shipment” it’s on it’s way to the post office to be scanned in! if it has stayed like that a couple of days, please stay patient as sometimes USPS falls behind in scanning packages. we'll only send out a tracking number the day that we drop off the package.

no really it's lost, i truly think so!

if you notice your tracking # hasn’t updated in days please do this before contacting us! usually it's just lost in the sauce with USPS. 

first, sign up for email and/or text updates for all movement on the package. you can sign up for these alerts on your tracking page. 

after doing that, wait a couple of days. if there is still no movement,  either contact your local post office with your tracking number or enter your tracking info on the USPS “report a missing package page. luckily, very few packages actually get lost by USPS, but delays are very normal. 

lost packages are dealt with by a case by case basis (some things can’t be replaced, etc...) so please reach out with your order number after exhausting the USPS resources.

my package was marked as delivered but i'm not holding it in my hand.

sometimes USPS marks a package as delivered before it’s actually been delivered. it usually shows up within the next couple of days if this happens to you. if more than a few days pass and still no package, please contact your local post office with your tracking info and let them know. unfortunately, once a package is marked as delivered we cannot replace a lost package as there is no way to verify it is lost. please consider checking with neighbors and always double check your address was entered correctly before placing your order. 

my cute items arrived damaged, can you replace it?

please reach out to us at - replacements are only on a case by case basis! 

i ordered the wrong shirt size, can i exchange it?

yeah you can!! as long as you contact us within 14 days of receiving your package and it is unworn and unwashed, once we receive the shirt back we will send you a replacement size. however, we only print limited stock of most tees so we can't guarantee you we have a replacement in stock. if we do, we'll happily exchange, and if not, we can issue you a refund.


all wallpaper purchases are non-refundable. if you are unsure of the colors or look of the paper, please consider purchasing a sample beforehand. it is typical to buy more than you need, so in some cases there will be extra paper that cannot be returned.