Year of the Womxn DIY Sign-Making

Posted on January 02 2019

Year of the Womxn DIY Sign-Making



Some may say that 2018 was the year of the womxn, but we think that was just the beginning. The midterms brought us not just a blue wave, but a blue tsunami - January 2019 will mark the start of the most womxn in Congress since its inception! WOW! Soon, they might even start treating womxn equally! 

Ash + Chess has teamed up with GRL Supply to bring feminists everywhere together with our Year of the Womxn promotion. We decided to call this project Year of the Womxn to reflect what we hope this year will bring - unity, empowerment, progress, and change.

Together, Ash + Chess and GRL Supply will be hosting several DIY sign-making events in and around the NYC area. At these in-store events, your ticket will buy a goodie bag (ok it’s a really awesome tote bag) filled with adorable swag, like buttons, art prints, stickers, pins and more. You’ll also be provided with poster board, markers, glitter, and super cute assets to make a sign to bring to the 2019 Women’s March on January 19th, and then probably hang on your wall or something. A percentage of all ticket sales will go to The New York Women’s Foundation, an amazing group that seeks to create an equitable and just future for womxn and families by working with their communities.

1/13 Sunday, 3-6pm Word Jersey City Tickets  - Jersey City, NJ

1/16 Wednesday, 6:30-8pm Strand Bookstore Tickets  - Manhattan

1/17 Thursday, 7-9pm Stay Forever POP UP - RSVP - Ridgewood, Queens, NY

1/18 Friday, 7-9pm Word Brooklyn Tickets  - Brooklyn, NY

If you cannot attend an in-store event, sign-making assets will be posted online soon for you to make your own DIY sign, and maybe even through a little event of your own at home!

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